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Am I an Alcoholic? Or Do I Simply Think I Am?

This camp requires us to examine alcohol dependence through the lens of the past. It looks at the subjective experience of the individual and how they interpret the world. The way we view the world, and ourselves, evolves from our early experiences and the beliefs that form in childhood. Instead, the term is used to […]

Drinking Out Of Boredom How To Stop Alcoholism

Often, it really comes down to being willing to do something that doesn’t entertain you or make you feel good immediately. In other words, it’s about suspending the need for instant gratification. But truthfully, it’s something we all experience—and struggle with—throughout our lives. Every month, we launch fun challenges, like Dry/Damp January, Mental Health May, […]

74 Inspirational Quotes on Recovery

Withdrawal symptoms do not occur with all substances; for example, stopping hallucinogens or marijuana does not typically lead to withdrawal symptoms. Further, the intensity of withdrawal depends on the amount of drug usually taken and the duration of its effects. Withdrawal from such drugs as heroin, painkillers, alcohol, and benzodiazepine tranquilizers can be life-threatening, and […]

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