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Catch-Up Bookkeeping: Top Tips for Small Business Owners

You can’t run a healthy, successful business without having your books in order. It’s like driving a car without a fuel gauge or a map—sooner or later you’re going to get lost or run out of gas. If the cost starts to approach the actual cost of outsourced bookkeeping, it’s time to consider taking the […]

Debt to Equity Ratio How to Calculate Leverage, Formula, Examples

«Solvency refers to a firm’s ability to meet financial obligations over the medium-to-long term.» At a corporation it is the residual or difference of assets minus liabilities. what is amortization Next, we will look at two additional financial ratios that use balance sheet amounts. These financial ratios give us some insight on a corporation’s use […]

How Should a Company Budget for Capital Expenditures?

Aligned with this, a profitability index great than 1.0 presents better cash inflows and therefore, the project will be accepted. It might seem like an ideal capital budgeting approach would be one that would result in positive answers for all three metrics, but often these approaches will produce contradictory results. Some approaches will be preferred […]

Frameworks for Intelligent Decision-Making

Many leaders are reluctant to make the final call when there are good arguments and a lot of emotions on both sides. We intuitively want the team to come to the right decision on their own. But I’ve found that people are enormously relieved when they hear that you’re grabbing the baton and accepting responsibility […]

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